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Using a Body Fat Analyzer to Measure Body Fat

These days more and more people are concerned about losing weight and getting healthy. More and more people are considered obese these days than ever before. This can lead to a lifetime of health problems if we sit back and do nothing. One of the first things you want to do is find out just how fat you are, how much of your total weight is made of up of fat when compared to lean muscle. When you want to measure your body fat percentage you can use several methods. This article will highlight a few of the more common and affordable methods anyone can use to check your body fat.

A body fat analyzer will send an electrical signal through one end of your body to the other end. There are some that are hand held and there are body fat scales that work both as regular weight scales and will also calculate your body fat percentage for you. You just stand on the scale and in a few seconds you'll have your results.

The next way you could measure your body fat is using a skin caliper. With a skin caliper, a physical trainer will take several measurements around your body and calculate your fat percentage. The caliper measures your skinfold thickness. This method sometimes can be less reliable depending on when you use them in relation to when you last exercised. It is also recommended that you take the test several times to get an accurate reading.

The last method to take a body fat measurement is to use a hydrostatic weighing tank which is the most accurate but makes you the most uncomfortable as you have to hold your breath underwater for a short period of time.

In terms of cost, the caliper and body fat analyzer are the cheapest methods as you can buy them for home use and use them over and over again. With hydrostatic weighing, you have to go to a doctor's office or trainer's office each time you want to check your body fat with a fee each time.

In terms of convenience, the body fat analyzer will give you an accurate reading and takes just moments to give you a result. With the caliper you have to do the test several times to make sure you get an accurate reading. With hydrostatic weighing, you have to take time to make an appointment and probably take time off work to go get weighed.

So now you've calculated your body fat, now what?

Once you have your calculation you can take the steps needed to build lean muscle which will help burn calories and fat. As your muscle tissue goes up your love handles will start to go away. Just remember that muscle weighs more than fat so when the scale doesn't go down even though you're exercising and eating better you're still doing well. The more muscle you have, the more calories and fat burned.

Checking your body fat is just the beginning of slimming down and eliminating fat. You will have to take the next step and get started by taking action to get real results. Turning to the latest fad diet pill is not the long lasting answer. You will need to change your eating and activity or non-activity habits to see a difference in your body. You've taken the first step by finding out where you stand now keep going.

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