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Abatement and the Conquests of Bacteria and Virus Adaptations

When breakouts occur in human populations teams are sent into find the culprit and sometimes what they find is a little unnerving and disheartening. Sometimes they find that a virus has adapted or a bacteria is out of control and spreading. How do these things spread?

They spread in various ways, some are water borne and spread thru the water. Others spread in the air and get into the lungs of humans. Some spread thru the blood making the Mosquito a potentially vary dangerous vector. Once we find how these things are spread and what they are; flu, disease, bacteria or virus then the vector needs to be looked at. Lets call that the supply chain. Is the supply chain a rat like the in the plague? Is the vector a bat, a mosquito, the water or other humans?

If the supply chain can be stopped through abatement or treatment of the local vectoring species by helping them to some vaccinated food then that is one way to stop them? This is similar in sports tactics, business competition, warring armies as much as it is in fighting outbreaks you see?

Sometimes it makes sense to consider a more philosophical combat plan when considering the abatement and the conquests of Bacteria and Virus Adaptations. Perhaps we need to consider a little more the abstract thoughts on these things. Think on this in 2006.

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