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Why Should I Use a Fat Analyzer?

Doctors agree that body fat percentage is more important in determining health than overall body weight, but many people are unaware of the necessity of a body fat analyzer and do not know how a conventional scale and a fat analyzer differ. If a person is interested in improving their health, it is important to have a proper body fat percentage analysis to know what steps are necessary toward achieving goals of healthy weight.

What you really want to learn with a body fat analyzer is the lean-to-fat ratio of your overall weight. You can, of course, learn your overall weight using conventional weighing techniques. You can't learn how much of your weight is comprised of lean tissue, muscle and bone (along with organs). A body fat analyzer can tell you how much of your overall weight is comprised of fat cells that can be harmful to your health.

Think of a bodybuilder. A bodybuilder can weigh close to 250 pounds or so and yet he or she may only have around eight or ten percent body fat. This does not mean that the bodybuilder is in any particular problematic health situation, but by many standards, one could say that he or she is "overweight". The importance of getting an accurate body fat measurement is in the fact that you can be "overweight" but still be extremely healthy.

The methods used to determine a person's body fat percentage are referred to as "Body Composition Analysis". The best and most accurate way to determine the BCA is by using a hydrostatic fat analyzer. This is a way of sending electric signals through your body to take into account the weight you have that is composed of bone, organs, muscles and other tissues. The hydrostatic analyzer will then provide you with a fairly accurate body fat percentage.

This method is expensive, however, so that makes it extremely rare. It isn't used in most casual cases, but doctors will recommend the test if they fear your body fat levels are detrimental to your health. Most doctors and physicians will use what is called a "skinfold measurement" instead. The skinfold measurement is exactly what it sounds like, as the doctor will determine, using body fat calipers, how much body fat you have relative to your overall weight.

If a person is in possible danger of weigh-related illnesses, it is important to get an accurate body fat percentage, either using body fat calipers or hydrostatic fat analysis. Only with a proper analysis can a person know to reduce body fat and improve fitness levels. Even people of seemingly normal weight can benefit from body fat analysis, as it is possible to carry too much fat and not look overweight. A fat analyzer can be a good first step for any person who wants a healthier lifestyle.

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