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The Different Beauty of Spectrum Analyzer

How many colors do we see in the rainbow? How many inches is your TV? How many stations do you have in your radio? How do these three questions go together? Give up? Iíll tell the connection, a spectrum analyzer thatís the connection. Ok, I know itís still not clear so allow me to explain.

We all know that radio waves are all around us right? Radio waves are the invisible rays of energy that is all around us every time and everywhere. Radio waves are used in many different ways, contrary to the popular belief that they are only used for radios. The transmission of data in and over the air uses radio waves that means your TV set also uses radio waves to get the picture coming in.

Radio stations have giant transmission antennas and receiving satellites that bounces signals back and forth the Earth. Receiving stations then retransmits that on a shorter wave that most home antennas or frequency receivers can get. During the whole process radio waves are thrown back and forth by a series of transmitters and receivers.

Other radio stations, TV stations also work on the same principle of throwing radio waves back and forth to Earth also using a series of transmitters and receivers. Radio waves therefore have a variety of different uses. All around us every single day we are surrounded by radio waves.


Aside form its obvious use radio waves are also used in the communication industry. Most of the mobile phone networks and providers rely on short waves like radio waves to transmit their data from one phone to another. Radio waves keeps the world connected every single time.

But when radio waves suddenly plummet to a low, signals are also affected. Radio signals, TV signals, mobile phone signals even short wave radio signals will be affected. So it is a must that constant monitoring for varying signal strengths be put in place.

A tool that experts use in monitoring the strength of radio waves and audio waves is now easily available for us to use. A spectrum analyzer is the tool that experts use for this kind of job. Built in the same principle as an oscilloscope, a spectrum analyzer measures waveform and frequencies and transforms them in to recognizable read-outs that can easily be interpreted.

A spectrum analyzer, like an oscilloscope, measures the strength of an electronic spectrum or the flow of signals to a device. Unlike an oscilloscope that measures on a 2 dimensional plane and measures the flow of inside signals, a spectrum analyzer measures in real time and by out going and incoming frequencies.

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