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Radio Advertising For Auto Services

In advertising on the radio for auto services it is important to paint a picture in the listener's mind and therefore it is important to describe events, objects and paint scenarios so that they can understand what they should be seeing in their minds when they listen to the radio. It sounds difficult but it isn't really and they say a picture is worth how many words, well quite a few. Another important thing for radio advertising for auto services is to use a little humor. Why you ask?

Well when people consider spending money on their car sometimes they cringe and instead of listening to your message they are busy in their minds thinking of the last time they spent thousands of dollars to get their car repaired for something that broke. That might have been a bad experience because it cost them a lot of money and we just don't want to go there. This is why a little humor will help break up such thoughts and put them in a positive state of mind.

Believe it or not sometimes 15-second commercials or 30-second commercials work much better than the longer commercials and even better is when the DJ talks about your auto services and sometimes those can be the best of all.

To do proper auto services radio advertising it pays to listen to some of the other ads on the radio first before committing and you want to make sure that your radio account executive will work with you. Therefore it might be best to meet with them at the studio after discussing the basics and the pricing package at perhaps Starbucks. Please consider all this in 2006.

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