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How Hypnosis Therapy Can Heal And Improve Your Life

As a keen student of the mind sciences, I'm convinced of the extraordinary benefits of hypnosis therapy, but explaining it to someone who has little or no experience with it is quite a challenge.

In order to explain why hypnosis therapy is as powerful as it is and why it delivers unbelievable results, I'd like to share the story of my friend, Saleem Rana, a retired psychotherapist who has experienced it and practiced it. Here, then, is his story in his own words.

A Case History

I was introduced to the phenomenal powers of hypnosis when I was in college and our psychology professor, Dr Schwarz, a brilliant man who invented and patented electronic devices as a hobby, had a class on it.

He started the class with a brief introduction and a video of amazing stunts done by people under hypnosis. He then asked for a volunteer. Thinking the whole thing a gimmick and feeling a desire to prove it to the naive class, I raised my hand.

Dr Schwarz put me into a trance state and told me that I was a solid plank. Obediently, I lay on the ground and imagined that I was a plank. As I lay there, my eyes closed, I was conscious and could hear what was going on around me. I was also feeling calm, relaxed, and indifferent.

The professor directed four students to lift me up and place me between two chairs. My head was on one end and my feet on another end. I thought that they had placed my body between the seats of the chairs without much space in-between because it felt quite solid and comfortable. Then he asked a girl to stand on my belly. She felt like she weighed no more than five pounds as she stood on my abdomen. I thought that they had found a small child to stand on me.

After I came out of trance, everyone stared at me in amazement. Dr. Schwarz explained that I was balanced precariously between two chairs, with my head on top of the back of one chair and my feet on the other. I was not on the seats at all and my sense of security was an illusion because there was a body length of empty space between the back of one chair and the other. Moreover, the girl who stood on me, was now standing before me and smiling. She was not a child but a 120 pound woman who stood 5 foot 6 inches.

I found it hard to believe that I had defied the laws of logic and physics. I could not understand how I had not collapsed to the floor. It took a video recording of the event to convince me that I was not the subject of a prank.

Subjectively, it felt like nothing much was happening. I was comfortable with both the chair and the weight of the girl and I was aware that I was being hypnotized. I was not in a coma or anything.

I also learned that other amazing things had happened in the class while I was in trance. In one of them, Dr Schwarz had put a guy in trance then stuck a very long needle in his arm. He experienced no pain as it was inserted. When the needle was removed, there was no bleeding. The only evidence at all of an insertion was a small red spot.

I know these stories are hard to believe and if you don't believe me I quite understand. If it had not happened to me I would not have believed it either. As I mentioned earlier, when I myself saw the videos before the demonstrations began, I thought that it was all some sort of stage trick.

Anyway, all I can say is that unbelievable as this story is, it is true.

This experience made a believer out of me.

In later years, I experienced hypnosis as a patient and as a practitioner. As a patient, it helped me to uncover deep trauma that I didn't even know I was suppressing. As a practitioner, it helped me unearth stuff that the patient didn't even know had happened to them. I got so good at it that I was able to do past life regressions. In both cases, experiencing hypnosis from both perspectives, the result was healing that conventional psychotherapy cannot do.

How You Can Heal Your Life

There are two ways for you to experience hypnosis therapy directly to resolve any personal problems in your life. The first is a difficult and expensive route, but it is well worth it. This is to find a reliable hypnotherapist. The second is a convenient and inexpensive route, and it also has wonderful results. This is to listen to a CD created by an experienced hypnotist.

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