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Garage Sale Pricing Tips

Pricing for garage sales is usually negotiable. With this in mind remember to price some more expensive items a little higher than you are hoping to get. If you want to get $10 for an old lamp, you might want to price it at $12.50 in the expectation that the buyer will haggle with you to bring the price down.

Be careful not to over price an item as it might drive buyers away.

How Much For The Lot?

If you have some items that you canít shift at your sale it might be a good idea to make lots with them and some other more desirable items.

So you might combine two t-shirts that wonít sell on their own with two t-shirts that have more buyer appeal. Offer a price for the items sold separate (same price for each t-shirt) and a second reduced price for the lot that offers a great bargain. In fact all you are doing is getting the value of the two desirable t-shirts and some cash for the less desirable garments.

Golden Rule - Never Under Price Your Garage Sale

If the garage sale is to run for a few days itís a good idea to put higher prices on items to begin with. Thereís a chance you might sell items for more than you had hoped!

Items that are not selling at the higher price can be reduced as the days pass offering more of a bargain to buyers and getting at least some cash for the things youíre willing to let go.

Just remember, the golden rule is donít under price because you can always lower the price later if someone wants to haggle.

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